Bringing Cheers to Breweries

Roto Brews up a Better Conveying Alternative for a Brewery

The Challenge

What does a well known brewery do when faced with difficulties and wastage during the transfer of spent grain from LT vessel filter press through open screw conveyer to silo. Periodic maintenance of conveyer was becoming unmanageable. To ease the flow in the conveyers, the brewery was using blowers for air and boiler for steam. This unwanted process lead to an additional cost of electricity. The brewery was spending atleast 22.5 Kw power in terms of screw conveyer, blower for air and the boiler for steam. They were contemplating to install a dedicated air compressor in their plant for screw conveyer. But it had its own disadvantages.

The Roto Pump Solution

Roto Pumps visited the brewery and studied the application. The location of silo was quite far from the pump. Accordingly the Pressure drop calculation for the pipe line was carried out. Based on the calculation 200 NB pipe line was recommended. Roto supplied a wide throat pump model with a 11 Kw geared motor. This pump was placed under the LT vessel from where the spent grain was pumped to the silo. The pump was commissioned and series of performance trials were taken. A batch size of 7Tons against a total head of 8 bar was transferred to silo within 50 minutes without any air purging or steam. The total power consumption was 7 Kw. This pumping system replaced the existing screw conveyers, bucket elevators, requirement of steam and air purging. The customer was delighted with the performance of pump, its ease in process and low maintenance cost.

Since then the pump is running at the brewery without any problem.

Roto Pump offered the following advantages

  • Required less space.
  • Zero wastage of spent grain as the complete system is closed.
  • No steam or air is required.
  • Consumption reduced from 22.5 Kw to 7 Kw. Hence huge revenue savings.
  • Customized hopper designs possible to suit the customer requirement.
  • Low operating cost and easy to maintain.


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