External Gear Pumps are a type of Positive Displacement Pumps that operate with the help of a couple of gears rotating in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. One of these gear’s functioning is propelled by a motor. The gears are fitted together with intermeshed teeth inside the casing. The movement of one gear leads to the movement of the other in the opposite direction. The vacuum created between the teeth of the gears owing to their movement is filled with the liquid that is pulled inside the pump. The liquid gets carried through the suction end to the discharge end of the pump.

Roto Pumps is a well-renowned External Gear Pumps manufacturer and supplier. Roto’s top-quality Gear Pump’s simple four-piece built makes them a perfect choice to handle the transfer of thick and abrasive fluids. Roto’s customizable Gear Pumps comes in a variety of materials including cast steel, duplex steel and cast iron. These pumps are used in a number of industries such as oil and gas, paints and chemical among others.

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