RB Series Horizontal Biomass Pump

Roto RB Series Biomass pump is used for recirculation of fermentation tank slurry and feeding to digestate storage tanks. The pump is also used for the transfer of digestate to bio-mix unit & open lagoon or storage tank. Roto RB Series pump is used for Biomix Feed, Press Separator, Pasteurized Biomass, and Condensed Substrate applications.

Flow Rate- up to 215m3/hr
Pressure up to 12 bar

Roto Kwik Advantage

  • Low downtime in replacing the Stator, Rotor & Joint Parts
  • Xtra Value Cardan Joint
  • Inspection window on both sides
  • No Special Tools required
  • No need to dismantle suction & delivery pipelines
  • Installed Roto PC Pump can be converted easily to Roto Kwik
  • No need for extra dismantle space

Distinctive Features & Benefits

  • Pump housing with inspection window
  • Heavy-duty bearing housing with direct coupled with geared motor
  • Combination of reverse balanced & Single spring mechanical seal with oil bath system
  • Split coupling rod & special driveshaft
  • Nylon meshed reinforced boot seal with protector ring
  • Cutter arrangement system at the entry side of the stator
  • Maintenance in place design for a quick change of rotor and stator

Roto VB Series -Vertical Biomass Pump

Roto Vertical Biomass pump is used in open lagoons to transfer organic manure. These pumps are customized with a Strong cutter, Metallic Protecting Boot seal, and Anti-block arrangement.

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