Roto Pumps is a well-known Chemical Dosing Pumps manufacturer and supplier. These pumps are a type of Positive displacement pumps and a subtype of progressive cavity pumps. These pumps are used for precise dosing applications i.e. these pumps are capable of moving a fixed amount of fluid per hour. These pumps can dose media from 0.6 LPH to 500 LPH with pressure up to 348 PSI. These kinds of pumps are ideal for handling the transfer of viscous, abrasive and shear sensitive liquids like chemicals and solutions.

Chemical Dosing pumps construction comprises of helix metallic rotor and double helix elastomeric stator. The rotor rotates inside stator to generate cavities along the axis. The media is transferred using these cavities.  The setting of these kinds of pumps can be customized to attain the optimum dosing for the individual application. The flow & pressure of media can be changed real time in installed pump using VFD. These pumps are no-clogging and can work efficiently in low NPSHR conditions. The dosing efficiency is +/- 1%.

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