Industrial AD Biogas Pumps

The Roto Biomix Pump is available with customized hopper in the round, square and a variety of lengths along with cartridge duel mechanical seal with oil lubrication plan. The pump consists of an inbuilt feed flange that includes left and right-handed ports to ensure the finest homogenization, large augur, digestate injection point, large stone catcher, and an inspection window. The wear and tear of the pump, due to the lower rubbing velocities is taken care of by the rotor-stator geometry in these pumps. These pumps ensure a flow rate of up to 215 m3/hr and a pressure of up to 12 bar.

Horizontal RB Series Pumps, Vertical VB Series Pumps, and Horizontal RM Series Pumps also cater to the biogas industry. These pumps provide a flow rate of up to 250 m3/hr and a pressure of up to 12 bar.

Horizontal RB Series Pumps efficiently handle bio mix feed, press separator, pasteurized biomass, and condensed substrate while Vertical VB Series Pumps transfer organic manure from the open lagoon with ease. On the other hand, Horizontal RM Series Pumps are used for digestate feed, cow dung slurry transfer, liquid manure, and slaughter waste.

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