Barrel Emptying Pumps

Positive Displacement pumps such as General Purpose Pumps, AODD & Gear Pumps are used for Barrel emptying. General Purpose Pumps are designed for low flow transfer duties. Roto’s General Purpose pumps are highly efficient and robust. The suction lift capability of General Purpose Pump is up to 8 meters for water. It is available in close-coupled configurations and with standard IEC frame motors. These pumps are compact and lightweight.

The AODD pumps or Double diaphragm pumps are ideal for low pulsation and smooth flow applications. These pumps are driven by compressed air rather than an electric motor.

Gear pumps ensure that unchanging volume of fluid passes smoothly between the teeth of two meshing gears at a constant rate. As the gears rotate they trap the liquid and move it around the casing from the suction to the discharge point.

These pumps pass through stringent quality tests before these are sent for the final delivery.

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