Industrial Chemical Dosing Pumps

Roto Pumps is a well-known Chemical Dosing Pumps manufacturer and supplier. These pumps are a type of Positive displacement pumps and a subtype of progressive cavity pumps. These pumps are used for precise dosing applications i.e. these pumps are capable of moving a fixed amount of fluid per hour. These pumps can dose media from 0.6 LPH to 500 LPH with pressure up to 348 PSI. These kinds of pumps are ideal for handling the transfer of viscous, abrasive and shear sensitive liquids like chemicals and solutions.

Chemical Dosing pumps construction comprises of helix metallic rotor and double helix elastomeric stator. The rotor rotates inside stator to generate cavities along the axis. The media is transferred using these cavities.  The setting of these kinds of pumps can be customized to attain the optimum dosing for the individual application. The flow & pressure of media can be changed real time in installed pump using VFD. These pumps are no-clogging and can work efficiently in low NPSHR conditions. The dosing efficiency is +/- 1%.

Dosing Pumps – The best choice for precise metering applications

These pumps are developed for low flow applications that demand high accuracies and repeatability with unique advantages of smooth and non-pulsating flow. These pumps can handle clean and clear liquids.

The pump is ideal for either intermittent or continuous dosing duties. These pumps can handle minimum flow as low as 0.68 LPH to 500 LPH & ensure proportionate dosing of media.

RJ Series Pump

Capacity: between 0.68 – 500 lph
Pressure: up to 24 bar


Dosing ‘RJ’ Series Pumps

Size RJ01 RJ03 RJ07 RJ14 RJ30 RJ80L
7 17 42 84 166 460
0.03 0.076 0.185 0.371 0.732 2.025
24 24 24 24 24 6
348 348 348 348 348 87

• Cast Stainless Steel

• Natural • Nitrile • High Nitrile • EPDM• Chloro-Sulphonated Rubber • Fluoroelastomer • Aflas • HNBR

• Stainless Steel

• Stainless Steel

• Stainless Steel

• Duplex • Super Duplex • Alloy 20 • Haste Alloy

• Ceramic Coatings • Tungsten Carbide • Hard Chrome Plating

Dry Running Protection Device:
To prevent the stator damage due to dry running specially developed temperature sensor is screwed into the stator wall to monitor the operating temperature. Due to any reason if the pump runs dry, the stator temperature will increase. Roto DRP would switch off the pump at preset temperature.

Pressure Switch:
To prevent the pump from damage due to over pressurization in the discharge as well as low pressures beyond the capability of the pump. This system trips the pump and protects the pump as well as the system.

Gauges (Pressure, Vacuum, and Differential):
These devices are especially important for the system with dynamic working characteristics, that require constant monitoring. The selection of gauge requires consideration of process, environment, accuracy, dial size, connection & mounting. It is advised to limit the normal working pressure to 25-75% of the scale of the gauge.


Relief Valves:
In addition to relieving excess pressure from closed-top vessels or piping systems, these normally closed valves provide system control benefits. It is versatile and widely utilized valve. Its compact size, ease of setting, readjustment and repeatability, all contribute to its popularity. The pressure setting is done manually.


A Strainer is an inexpensive “insurance” for protecting pumps. There is often unwanted matter present which can cause serious problems. Dust, foreign matter, or even clumps of product itself, can clog or damage critical & expensive equipment. Another factor to consider is the cost of downtime.


MEDIA PROPERTIES: Low to high viscosities with solids.
APPLICATIONS: Domestic & industrial sewage treatment.
DESCRIPTION: Single acting, unbalance, single helical coil spring .elastomeric bellow seal and bi-directional.
PRESSURE RANGE: Up to 24 bar

Waste Water Treatment






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