Helical Rotor Pump

Roto Helical Rotor Pump is a type of Positive Displacement Pump. Helical Rotor Pumps are also referred as Progressive Cavity Pumps. These pumps are built on robust platform which makes them transfer toughest of the liquids like sewage, bio-waste etc.  These pumps transfer highly viscous, solid laden, shear sensitive and aggressive media with ease. These pump transfer media smoothly and without pulsation.

Roto Helical Rotor Pumps are used for various industries such as paper, sugar, paint, mining, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, construction, oil & gas, etc.

Roto Helical Rotor Pumps are highly preferred in the food & Beverage industry, as these pumps can efficiently transfer varied food processing liquids while ensuring maximum hygiene such as jams, butter, yeast, and even meat chunks. Helical Rotor Pumps for the food and processing industry are supplied in smooth surface SS316 stainless steel material.

Inside these pumps, there is a rotor and a stator. The rotor’s circular motion inside the stator helps to form cavities and the liquid is then lifted into the pump from the suction end, flow through cavities formed and leave the pump at the discharge end.

Distinctive Features & Benefits:

  • Positive cavities are generated in these pumps due to a single rotating element ensuring a uniform, metered, and non-pulsating flow.
  • The capacity is proportionate to the pump’s speed while the developed head is independent of the rotational speed.
  • These pumps are known to handle media with a high percentage of solids.
  • These pumps can effectively handle pumping operations in either direction due to their reversible rotational capabilities.
  • As the rotor is inside a flexible stator, the noise generated by these pumps is very low.

Roto pumps are committed to maintaining and constantly upgrading the quality of their products so that these products can handle a wide variety of applications with ease.

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