Roto Pumps is excited to introduce the new Wear Compensation Stator, a ground-breaking advancement in Progressive Cavity (PC) Pump technology. Roto’s unique Wear Compensation Stator design allows to control and regulate the efficiency of Progressive Cavity Pumps for an extended period. It uses spacers (White, Yellow and Red colours) of engineered lengths to maintain even interference throughout the length of rotor and stator. It prevents fast wear of the pumping elements (Stator & Rotor) or pump seizure and/or excessive power consumption due to unregulated adjustments. This results in improved volumetric efficiency, which is archived through regulated adjustments.

Key Features:

  • Optimized Design: The stator’s geometric design minimizes internal fluid velocities, enhancing wear optimization.
  • Wear Compensation: Utilizes spacers of predefined lengths to maintain an even interface between the rotor and stator, preventing uneven or excessive interference.
  • Extended Efficiency: Ensures consistent performance and extends the operational life of the pumps.
  • Reduced Wear: Prevents fast wearing of pumping elements and avoids excessive power consumption or pump seizure.

Roto’s Wear Compensation Stator represents a significant leap forward in pump technology, promising enhanced durability and efficiency for industries reliant on Progressive Cavity Pumps.

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