Industrial Oil and Gas Pumps

Roto Pumps caries a rich experience in providing Positive Displacement Pumps for all the major Upstream, Midstream & Downstream applications.
These Pumps are designed to operate in ambient or severe conditions in on-shore, off-shore and subsea locations for transferring viscous, shear sensitive, aggressive, lubricant, corrosive and even hazardous liquids in Oil & Gas industry.
Roto pumps perform efficiently even in low NPSHR conditions. Also, these pumps can be supplied as per compliance to ATEX and API 676 3rd edition.
These pumps are majorly used in Refineries, Petrochemical units, Storage & Distribution Depots.

Progressive Cavity Pumps
Flow – Up to 500 m3/hr
Pressure – Up to 48 bar

Twin Screw Pumps
Flow – Up to 940 m3/hr
Pressure – Up to 30 bar

Gear Pumps
Flow – Up to 120 m3/hr
Pressure – Up to 11 bar


Vacuum Residue , Vis Breaker Feed, Catalytic Reform Unit Feed, Delayed Coker Unit Feed, Catalyst Slurry, Bitumen & Asphalt, Black Oil & White Oil, Industrial Fuel Oil, Lubricating Oil, Slop Oil, Wax, Crude Oil, Diesel, kerosene, Naptha, Gasoline, etc.

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