Open Hopper Pump

Open Hopper Pumps are a type Progressive Cavity Pumps. The open hopper pump inlet allows gravity flow of highly viscous media on to the augur-on-coupling rod which pushes the substance to the pumping element. Roto open hopper pumps comes with the twin paddle bridge breaker arrangement at the top are designed for handling extremely difficult media with very high solid content and non – flowing properties.

These pumps are well known for handling media that have thick to semi-solid substances in them, with little or no fluidity. Roto Open Hopper Pumps can be customized to meet the customer’s requirements.

Roto Pumps are efficient and sturdy pumps. These are technologically advanced to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries and applications. The Open Hopper pumps are employed in most industries to provide continuous, gentle, and non-pulsating fluid transfer.

Open Hopper Pumps’ capacity is up to 200m3/hr, and these pumps can easily handle pressure of up to 36 bar. The accessories used in the Open Hopper Pumps are – Dry running protection device, Pressure Switch, Gauges, Relief Valves, and strainers.

The Open Hopper Pumps have a feed hopper and auger feed screw that is used to feed products into the pumping parts. For optimum performance, the pitch and the diameter of the auger can be adjusted. These pumps are suitable for sludge, dewatering, biowaste and other wastewater treatment applications. These pumps are easy to maintain and can be used in a wide range of industries such as wastewater, biogas, Explosive, Mining, Paper etc.

The material used to make the Open Hopper Pumps’ wettable components include stainless steel, fabricated steel, cast stainless steel, and cast iron.
Roto Pumps focuses on making sure that the pumps and spares are readily available to meet the market demands.

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