Pumps for Dairy Industry

Roto’s DM Series Progressive Cavity Pumps are highly preferred in the Dairy Industry. These robust and high-quality pumps are specially designed for industries like food, beverages, wine, and dairy. The pumps designed for the dairy industry are simple and require less cleaning and maintenance. These pumps are smoothly transfer shear sensitive media without any pulsation like milk, cream, butter, cheese, mayonnaise, butter milk etc.

Key Features

  • Effectively handle low to highly viscous liquids.
  • Clean-in-Place
  • All the metallic parts are made of smooth surface SS316 stainless steel to avoid contamination
  • The non-clogging features of these pumps can handle a mixture containing a high percentage of solid material.

The versatile, Roto pumps used for the dairy industry, can handle a high percentage of gas/vapour with liquids. These pumps are used for handling curd, oil slurries, cheese, ice-creams, jam, butter, chocolates, and sauces, etc.

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