Single Screw Pumps

Single Screw Pumps are a type of Positive Displacement Pumps. These pumps are also referred as Progressive Cavity Pumps. These pumps facilitate continuous and non-pulsating flow of liquids. Roto’s single screw pumps are used in various industries such as marine, paper, wastewater, biogas, explosives, mining, and ceramic. These pumps are ideal for viscous, solid laden, shear sensitive and aggressive media’s. Also, these pumps are used in Food & Pharma industry where the pumps supplied are made of smooth surface SS316 stainless steel to avoid contamination.

These Pumps are proficient and robust and ensure smooth operations and are easy to maintain. These pumps contain a metallic rotor fitted inside double elastomeric stator. When the rotor moves, cavities are created. The liquid moves from the suction port, along the cavities and exits through the discharge end of the pump.

Key Advantages

  • Generate uniform, metered, and non-pulsating flow.
  • These pumps can handle highly viscous liquids.
  • These pumps can easily handle shear sensitive media and abrasive materials that can harm the pumps.
  • The rotors are inside the stator due to which these pumps generate less noise.
  • Non-Clogging
  • Reversible
  • Flow is independent of Pressure.
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