Industrial Slurry Pumps

Slurry Pumps are widely used to transfer slurry- liquids with solid particles. Slurry pumps are also known as progressive cavity pumps. These pumps are widely used in various industries like mining, oil & gas, pharma, food & beverages, chemicals, paint, etc. These low-maintenance pumps are ideal for handling both smooth and rough fluids such as oil, paint, and mud, etc. These pumps have extremely low life cycle costs.

Slurry Pumps primarily consist of a single rotor and double stators. When the rotor turns inside the stator, cavities are formed. Then the slurry pumped from the suction end move along the cavities formed and gets discharged. These pumps are reversible, non-clogging, self-priming, and have low NPSHR and low internal velocity.

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