Snake Pumps

Snake Pumps are known as Single Screw Pumps or Progressive Cavity Pumps. These are designed to effectively move viscous and thick fluids and to maintain a uniform flow of the liquid. The speed of the pumps can also be altered as per the flow of fluids. In these pumps, pressure is inversely proportional to flow of the pump.

The snake pump consists of a single helix metallic rotor and a double helix elastomeric stator. The rotors & stators are designed depending upon the requirement of the application.

When the rotor rotates inside the stator, cavities are formed which facilitates the flow of media. It helps to transfer media from suction to discharge end of the pump. These pumps are reversible, non-clogging and have low NPSHR. Apart from these, it also has the following benefits:

  • Progressive cavities are created due to single rotating element that leads to even, metered and non-pulsating flow of media.
  • These pumps are made of corrosion prevention substances. This feature helps in enhancing durability of the pump and provides extra protection to the media that is being transferred. These pumps are capable of working on snore, a feature in which the pump works even in the absence of liquid.
  • These pumps are also self-priming and do not require foot valve.
  • Snake pumps can effectively handle media that contains high percentage of solids.
  • The rotors are attached to a strong and ductile stator that generates less noise.
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