In a move that commemorates both innovation and company legacy, Roto Pumps successfully transitioned to SAP technology on June 29, 2023, coinciding with the birthday of our former Managing Director, Mr. N.K. Gupta.

This strategic implementation of SAP, a comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, signifies a major step forward for Roto Pumps in streamlining operations and achieving greater business efficiency.

“We are excited to announce the successful integration of SAP across our entire organization,” said Mr. Anurag Gupta, Joint Managing Director Roto Pumps. “This significant development, achieved on the birthday of our esteemed former leader, Mr. Gupta, aligns perfectly with his vision of continuous improvement and leveraging technology for the company’s growth.”

The successful SAP implementation signifies Roto Pumps’ commitment to continuous improvement and its dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to achieve operational excellence. This strategic move, initiated on a day that holds significance for the company’s history, positions Roto Pumps for future growth and strengthens its ability to deliver exceptional value to its customers.

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