Roto Pumps UK Appoints Hyxo as Authorized Distributor in Finland

Manchester, UK (June 1, 2024): –: Roto Pumps UK is pleased to announce the appointment of Hyxo Oy as its authorized distributor for Finland. Effective immediately, Hyxo will offer Roto’s complete line of progressive cavity pumps, twin screw pumps, and spare parts to customers throughout Finland.

Hyxo: A Strong Partner for the Finnish Market

Sharing a commitment to excellence, Roto Pumps UK found the ideal partner in Hyxo Oy. This well-established Finnish company boasts a proven track record in diverse industries like water treatment, process industries, and laboratories. Their established customer base and expertise in product sales, service, and maintenance will be instrumental in the success of this collaboration.

Offering Comprehensive Pump Solutions

Through this partnership, Finnish customers will have access to Roto’s industry-leading progressive cavity pumps and twin-screw pumps, renowned for their efficiency and reliability in handling a wide range of applications. Hyxo will also provide a comprehensive stock of spare parts to ensure efficient pump performance.

 “We are excited to partner with Hyxo to expand our reach into the Finnish market,” says Dave Bent, General Manager, Roto Pumps UK. “Hyxo’s strong technical expertise and established customer base will be instrumental in introducing our high-quality pump solutions to Finnish companies.”

This strategic partnership between Roto Pumps UK and Hyxo ensures Finnish customers have access to reliable and efficient pump solutions backed by exceptional service and support.

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